All Texas Web - Getting You LOCAL Customers via Our Social Media Network!Social Media is daily advertising. You are busy with your day-to-day business. I do your daily social media for you, so your time can be spent addressing the details of your business.

This is Mark Robbins (aka Producer Mark). As a longtime (world known) Producer and musician (and owner of, I was seeking a low-cost way to get good entertainers promoted, multiple times a week, across dozens of social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus and more.

While I am a well known music and film producer, one of my best local friends is a globally-syndicated radio network celebrity. She urged me to bring my services to my friends, in Entertainment, Services, Business Owners and Professionals, and much more. And so, I took this effort outside the entertainment industry, to cover all people and business types, who want to use social media to attract both general interest, and of course, attract new Customers! This powerful, HIGH QUALITY system delivers RESULTS and increases results exponentially over time!


Previously, I offered some “discount” programs, from 5-30 dollars a month. While the price was attractive, I came to learn that they were less effective than more direct attention, paid to the needs of each client. Therefore, those older programs are now removed.

NONE of my social media accounts accept “follower” accounts dealing in foreign languages, pornography,  endless marketers selling books and sales programs, and other detracting qualities. I do not accept any form of “paying for followers”, in fact I block them. My network is about HIGH QUALITY followers and customers for YOU. I screen followers on each account by hand, which makes #MarkRobbinsNetwork stand out from most social media management services. I want to insure that You reach your most local audience! These are the people most likely to become your customer. Please note – building an audience is key, and this takes time and daily work on my part. It is important to build a following online, who reads your ads and promotions. If anybody claims to make you an instant Internet Sensation, this is a very false claim. Consider yourself – when you see an ad on TV, how long does it require to get your attention? Repetition is Key to reaching short attention spans, especially online.

The #MarkRobbinsNetwork is about 24/7 social media HIGH QUALITY promotion. The information I put on my social media accounts crosses into the others.Your info then bounces back across all social media accounts nonstop! This gives massive exposure to a name, a business, or even a message. I have currently many growing, interconnected Twitter accounts, and a weekly LIVE chat on Twitter under hashtag #ATXMchat (twice a week, Sunday and Friday). You will find my info and daily promotion of friends on LinkedIn too! I also have over 2 dozen accounts on Facebook, InstagramPinterestYouTube, and GooglePlus. (For example, one of my Facebook accounts, AllTexasMusic, has over 16.5K members who watch it daily!)

I offer Special Programs on an individual basis, to get your name, brand, product or service AHEAD of the billions of others seen on social media. These are highly individualized; prices and services will vary. Some programs include complete handling of all your social media accounts, and growing your user/follower base (so you don’t have to)!  Email for details at mark@markrobbinsnetwork – or email your phone number so I can speak with you in person!

Things that can work to your advantage are often very personal, therefore we need to speak one-on-one to make these plans work for you.

(1) DAILY posts targeted to your audience, local, regional or national, including photos and videos you create, or have me create for you!

(2) I can co-manage or manage your social media accounts for you or with you. This frees up your time to maximize your business efforts.

(3) Draw more actual customers via social media by creating special offers that are specific to your customer base!

(4) I can also edit your “raw” phone videos for presentation on YouTube, to spread over my network to social media.

(5) If you wish, I can create or update your WEBSITE so it is most compatible with all phones, pads, and computers.



The above plans cater to all kinds of social media users. Call me, let’s discuss your business – and email me with your phone number! I will email you a PDF of specifics after we connect!

By engaging this service, you agree to 12 months of payment and exposure. You can pay monthly or annually. If you are in a large field of many players, and need an exclusive arrangement, let’s work something out together. I take Paypal at the email address and have a general agreement.

So get back to me ok? Glad to talk to you too, email me with your phone number! – Producer Mark – Mark Robbins –